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camilla 981 extra ancha 1

camilla 981 extra ancha 1

camilla 981 extra ancha 2

camilla 981 extra ancha 2

Retractable Stretcher

model 981 Extra Wide

Developed for transporting patients with overweight and obesity.
Manufactured in aluminium alloy, anodized matt natural finish.
Front and back legs fold independently.
Rounded safety side rails and footrest (orange epoxy painting finish).
Board for backrest built in aluminium sheet (grey textured epoxy painting finish).
New screw-less mounts.
Legs with polyethylene protection.
Back wheels enter the vehicle without straighten.
Automatic fixing system tested to 10g forces.
Two 100mm wheels that allow rolling the stretcher in folded position.

Waterproof mattress thermosealed in high density foam rubber.

Automotive-type safety belts.


Available in divers models to fit different types of vans 981-56EA/981-61EA/981-67EA/981-72EA.

Optional accessories:

Folding IV Holder

Oxygen Tube Holder

TOTAL LENGTH 190 cm / WIDTH 68 cm / HEIGHT 76 cm - 80,5 cm - 87 cm - 92 cm (according to model) / HEIGHT (folded) 25 cm / FRONT WHEEL HEIGHT 56 cm - 61 cm - 67 cm - 72 cm (according to model) / WEIGHT 35 kg / LOAD CAPACITY 250 kg


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